Crystals are not just beautiful ornaments; they are also delicate and unique beings that require care and attention to maintain their beauty and energy. Here are some crucial tips for keeping your crystals in their best condition:

1. Avoid Collisions: While crystals are known for their hardness, they lack resilience. They can easily break or chip upon impact with hard objects, even other crystals. Handle them with care to prevent damage.

2. Keep Them Shiny: Crystals should sparkle like mirrors. To maintain their luster, wipe them with a soft cloth.

3. Remove When Getting Wet: Crystals do not fare well in humid or chemically-treated environments. Take them off when bathing, doing household chores, applying makeup, or swimming. Moisture and chemicals can affect their appearance.

4. Charge and cleanse regularly: see suggestions below

Crystal Cleansing

Crystals, nature's age-old spirits, have a unique capacity to absorb and transmute energy. Yet, like all things, they need care to thrive. Here's a quick guide to crystal cleansing.

  • Moonlight

    Let your crystals bask in the light of the full moon, or a few days before or after, to purify them.

  • Aromatherapy

    Use incense or fragrant herbs to cleanse your crystals with the smoke.

  • Spring Water

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  • Crystal Clusters

    Recharge and remove impurities by placing your crystals on a crystal cluster.